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Bernando LaPallo was born in Victoria, Brazil on August 17, 1901. He moved to the United States at the age of 5 living in New York City for more than 90 years and was “never sick a day in his life”. Bernando raised his family there living through major segments of American history like the the sinking of the Titanic, the first flights from North Carolina, the Great Depression,The Harlem Renaissance, World War 2 and The Civil Rights Movement. He enjoyed four professions during his lifetime which spanned over a century until his death in Tempe, Arizona at 114 years of age.

His crowning achievement and popularity was due to his vibrant health inspiring people of all ages to take their health seriously through his personal example. Bernando looked  like a man 44 years his junior at the time of his death at 114. He attributed his long and healthy life due to the fact that he lived by the principles of “Obedience and Moderation” as taught to him by his father. Daily exercise, sleep, water, eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and green vegetables and a positive mindset were his keys to successfully avoiding all chronic diseases that plague people today. An inspiration to thousands of people around the world welcome to the warmth and wisdom of Bernando LaPallo the Super Centenarian Man!

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