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Erika and Bernando at his 110th Birthday Party, Arizona


Erika Ekayani Chamberlin is the oldest of Bernando LaPallo’s four grandchildren and the daughter of the late actress Lee Chamberlin. Carrying on the legacy of her grandfather,  she is available for live lectures and media interviews on the timeless principles on health and longevity her grandfather lived by on a daily basis for over a century. Erika is the legacy director for all things Bernando  and the managing print editor for “Beyond 100 – How to Live Well Into Your Second Century”. Close to her grandfather, she decided at a very young age she wanted “to be just like Grampa” when she grew up. Learn exactly how to “add more life to your years and not just years to your life”. She lectures regularly transmitting Bernando’s simple and powerful keys to optimal health and longevity at live events and media outlets. If you’d like to book Erika for a lecture please fill out the contact form on this website!