Bernando LaPallo, Super Centenarian, Dead at 114

Arizona resident, author and lecturer on the health and longevity Bernando LaPallo died in his home on December 19, 2015 in the city of Tempe in the presence of his oldest granddaughter, Erika Chamberlin. “He died quickly and without any chronic illness. His heart simply stopped beating. He followed the same daily routine the day he died as he did every single day of his life. It was simply his time to go. He was at peace with himself and his life.” says Chamberlin. LaPallo was born in Victoria, Brazil in 1901 migrating to the United States as a little boy with his father residing in Philadelphia and later New York City.


An inspiration to thousands of people around the world for his youthful appearance, razor sharp social skills and his unswerving dedication to his daily health regimen, Bernando LaPallo was best known for his catch phrase,  “Keep your liver and colon clean” which he considered crucial for a healthy life. A regular on local TV and newspapers, LaPallo enjoyed four different careers over his century lifespan, his latest successes being the publication of a full color print edition of his e Book  “Beyond 100 – How to Live Well Into Your Second Century”  in two languages just before his 114 birthday.

Erika Event Flyer

An Arizona resident since 2002, he was a doctor’s son who became a 5 star chef after training in Paris at The Sorbonne in the late 1920’s for the culinary arts. For decades he worked at resorts and steam liners up and down the East Coast and during World War II with the Merchant Marines plying his trade as a chef. After becoming disenchanted with the restaurant business due to the industralization of the food industry, he changed careers obtaining his license from the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York City at age 71. Two years later, at age 73, he graduated from New York University for reflexology and podiatry. Always thirsty for knowledge, he studied herbology withDr. Richard Schulze of the American Botanical Pharmacy. After running a successful massage practice for 20 years in Queens, NY, he moved to North Carolina and came out of retirement as a chef cooking for Sapona Ridge Country Club in Lexington, NC. It was his move across country to Mesa, Arizona however, that would seal his fate for his fourth career as author and lecturer. Having caught the eye of a local newspaper that published an article on him, local writer Anne Cornelius decided she had to meet Lapallo. After experiencing what she called “ a complete paradigm shift,” her  encounter with Bernando would lead to a collaboration that produced  his first book “Age Less, Live More – Achieving Health and Vitality at 107 Years and Beyond”. He made countless appearances in the Phoenix metro area such as the Multi Gen Center in Apache Junction,The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, churches, water shows and even traveled out of state to Pennsylvania, California and Brooklyn, New York to speak to live audiences well into his hundreds. In his 112th year LaPallo’s national and international popularity increased after appearing at Yankee Stadium being recognized as the oldest living Yankee fan when the photo of LaPallo shaking hands with “The Captain”, Derek Jeter went national. LaPallo was acknowledged as “The Oldest Living Brazilian in the State of Arizona” by Brazil Day Arizona, and was older than the state of Arizona itself. National Geographic’s digital magazine Voices & the BBC 2 both featured Lapallo –  the former in a Q & A  style article “ Recipe for a Long Life” and the latter in London Times food critic Giles Coren’s documentary “Eat to Live Forever”  exposing him to audiences in the United Kingdom. There seem to be countless you tube video interviews with LaPallo. He was a sought after guest for podcasts focused on health talking with show hosts  as far away as Australia.











On March 24 Erika will be holding a live event  “How to Live to 100 in Good Health” at The Studio,   located at the Noni Life & Wellness, 950 W Apache Trail, Suite 1, Apache Junction, Arizona  from 2- 4PM . The event is FREE  but space is limited. Books will be available for signing while supplies last. Call Michelle at Noni Life at (480) 444 – 6555 for more information about the event. Erika says a new book project is being completed posthumously. She explains it was her grand fathers wish to reach the younger population and their parents being concerned with the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in children. Her upcoming projects include a legacy podcast and video project based on the life of her grandfather. Lapallo is survived by a daughter, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his oldest daughter the actress Lee Chamberlin in 2014 best known for her role as original cast member in “The Electric Company”. As per his wishes LaPallo’s ashes have been scattered at sea. A Bernando LaPallo Award has been created in his honor by the Diana Gregory Outreach Foundation based in Phoenix , a non profit organization that distributes fresh produce to inbound seniors.


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My new book is NOW AVAILABLE

I’m happy to report that after a long wait, my new full-color book “Beyond 100 – How to Live Well Into Your Second Century” is now available in print via . Click here to buy it now, or you can click on the book cover just to the right. In it, I address many of the questions I get asked frequently such as:  how I prepare my water and my superfood smoothies, my thoughts on salt, sleep and exercise, among many other topics.
More importantly, I hope that the book impresses upon the reader that my longevity has more to do with me taking daily responsibility for my health than having good genes. I say, “Change your genes by controlling your lifestyle!”
Here I am, over one hundred years later, and I am still trying to do what my father told me to do everyday: keep your liver and colon clean.  As I approach my 114 birthday I feel wonderful and I thank you for your support.
Enjoy this book, share it with your family and friends and be happy.
By the way, you will also find the Portuguese book for sale in the Lulu store, with the Spanish version coming very soon!
PLEASE NOTE- My DVD of my New York speech is no longer available for purchase.

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How I Feel to Turn 113- August 17, 2014

I feel great. I feel wonderful. It’s all about obedience and moderation. That’s the story. The key to my success has been obedience and moderation. I have been doing everything my daddy told me to do all these years. Obedience is the key. Moderation is the back up.


New Opportunities


This birthday has brought new opportunities for me to get my message of health out to the world. The annual  Best Of”  issue by Phoenix Magazine comes out in September 2014 and I will be in it. I had a chance to talk about olive oil, one of God’s perfect foods with their very enthusiastic staff and we had a ball. I have been using olive oil all my life on my skin and in my food. My skin is a smooth as silk and that’s not bragging that’s just the truth. When you come in at night instead of going to bed dirty after being out all day long why not take a take a warm shower?  Take the last part of the shower as warm as you can stand it. This will open up your pores and allow the olive oil to sink in. Dry yourself off with a towel and massage the olive oil into your body everywhere it might wrinkle. You don’t have to worry about greasing up the sheets as it will go right in after 15 minutes. It’s never too late to do good in life as long as you have not abused your body too much. If you like you can even take a teaspoon of olive oil in the morning or in the evening. Olive oil is good for your insides and your outside. As I said I have been using it all my life and I have no wrinkles.


My Lifestyle


People ask me all the time what my daily routine is.I have answered this questions as far as possible in my books and new  DVD.  My new e book “Beyond 100 – How to Live Well Into Your Second Century”  is available worldwide on iTunes if you click here.  and other digital sites. It has two videos so you can see and hear me talk. My first book “Age Less Live More – Living With Health and Vitality to 107 Years and Beyond” is in print form or available as download if you click here.  

For those of you who would like to hear and see me talk about my life and get the answers to the most frequently asked questions this DVD  is for you.It was filmed right before my 112th birthday. I talk about my daily routine: what i eat, when I eat, why I eat what I eat and share some marvelous stories about  my life. I talk about  the influence my father has had on me  and the importance of faith. I encourage you to order what I consider my signature lecture produced by MDS Films now DVD. It was produced by  acclaimed director John Halpern live  and is about an hour long. You can order by sending $20  to my granddaughter at this email address:  The price includes 2 DVD copies so you can give one to a friend. Please be sure to include your mailing address.

Thank you very much and stay healthy!

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Official Statement on Bernando LaPallo’s Age & Birthdate

This is The Official Statement from Bernando LaPallo and his family concerning the authenticity of the date of his birth. We feel it’s important to set the record straight before endless interpretations and reinterpretations are made by others that have no knowledge of his intimate family history particularly at the juncture of his 112th birthday occurring August 17, 2013. We are going to address two such misinformed and erroneous claims by naysayers, dig into history and present Bernando’s account verbatim while revealing our own family document thanks to the foresight of great, great grandmother Henreitte Carr. We would also like to acknowledge that there are countless stories in the United States that have not been told in full. For the sake of those  who have not had the chance to speak up and be heard, or be taken seriously, or who have been discredited as if they were orphans with no fathers or mothers or no understanding of who they are, where they came from and what their lineage is, this is for you. We are stronger when we tell our stories completely.

To the Media – What is Left Out is as Important as What is Left In

Now we address the media. You are burdened with the inherent responsibility in the field of reporting and it your job to listen closely and learn as it is a process of discovery. Ask better questions. Recognize that there are multiple forms of gathering information. A well rounded approach adds depth and credibility to you and serves the public better. If you find yourself with the good fortune of speaking with elders who have lived through a particular time (that you have not) listen carefully, listen respectfully. Oral history can be cross checked with historical events. Explore the social climate of the times: What were the mores? What were the restrictions or prejudices that were prevalent in society? How do they differ from today’s attitudes if at all?  How can you deepen our vision? It is precisely due to  a lack of vision and a jumping to conclusions that has prompted us to present our story since the media failed to do it’s job properly. And what is this job? To use their positions positively in order to educate people and engender discussions by uncovering  layers of history rather than obscuring it’s richness through shallow coverage. What is left out is as important as what is left in. Deeper discussions, although difficult at times, are sorely needed. It is a sign of respect and a symptom of a healthy society that values it’s members, particularly it’s elders. What they transmit and teach us is  important as it may spare us from repeating mistakes with a wisdom born of hindsight. Regardless of caste, creed or origin, be willing to reflect on profound meanings. Consider that methods of collecting data itself can be subject to flaws since,in the end, data is collected by humans. Paying close attention opens the door to what clues to look for or the questions to be asked particularly if out of the range of the reporters own personal experience. Is this not wise?

The Heart of the Matter

Trouble first appeared on Bernando’s facebook fan page in May of 2013  when a Steven Sherlock, claiming to be part of the Gerontology Research Group staff  of which he is not wrote that Bernando’s age was “likely fraudulent”.  The GRG that has declared itself as the absolute authority on super centenarians,  might want to expand it’s scope as to what kind of documents are acceptable as proof. Later, a sensational piece of  “journalism” published by AP News reporter Ben Walker following Bernando’s trip to Yankee Stadium on June 1, 2013  appeared. Bernando and his oldest grand daughter Ekayani Erika Chamberlin conducted a lengthy phone interview before this piece appeared in the press. A considerable amount of time was spent with Mr. Walker explaining Bernando’s side of the story. Ben Walker stated that he himself had been to the social security office himself trying to establish the correct date of birth for himself at least “ten times” and he is a much younger man. Ben Walker decided to leave out the very information that would have made his story truly interesting. We find it unfortunate in this digital age of “instant information “ that so much is omitted  because it is deemed to be too inconvenient to report. In other words, some thinking is going to have to be done and perhaps some unpleasant episodes on our history looked at. Opening up historical topics to deeper examinations and discussion is absolutely critical to understanding ourselves and each other. Since Mr. Walker missed that opportunity we are taking it.

Midwives and Records of Birth

There is an assumption today that a delivery in a hospital and a birth certificate has always been the norm. Up until the 1920’s children were delivered by midwives in the mother’s home or a designated structure. Hospitals and their attendant bureaucracy came in vogue much later. The documentation of the birth of a child or other significant events in the life of a family would be passed down through oral tradition or recorded in a family bible if people could read and write. This was true for black families as well as whites what to speak of indigenous cultures. Bernando was delivered with the assistance of a midwife in Victoria, Brazil on August 17, 1901 in a simple structure where expectant mothers went to labor. Today where that structure once stood at the edge of the jungle, is the Hopital of Sao Joao or Saint Joseph’s Hospital. The shack and the midwife who delivered him are long gone but Bernando, who is living history, remains.

Bernando’s Account Registering for Social Security in the Jim Crow South

“Well the whole thing is this. First of all when social security came out in 1934 I was working in Florida for the Hage Brothers opening cafeterias for them as a chef.They were a Swedish family. I opened two in Saint Petersburg and one in West Palm Beach on Olive Street. They were called Traymore Cafeterias. My boss, Ainard Hage,one of three brothers,came to me and told me I better go down to register so “when you get old you get your benefits.”  I replied, “You are right about that”. So when I got there to the government office in Saint Petersburg they had separate offices. One for coloreds and and one for whites. I don’t know if you have heard about segregation but that’s they way it was. The man in the office asked me when I was born and I told him.  “I was born in 1901. I was born in Brazil”.

The man answered me, “Where is that?”

 I replied, “You mean to tell me that you are out here taking a census and you don’t know where the fifth largest country in the world is? Anyway,I know American history better than you do. If you were a colored person born here you are right, there were no records of the birth dates of slaves. But I was born in Brazil and we had records.”  The census worker told me that “I looked too good”  for a colored man although that’s not the word he used if you understand my meaning. He said he didn’t believe me and that he was going to put down 1910.

Years later, when I went to the social security office with my mother Mattie, I was living at 72 -10  41st Avenue in Woodside, Long Island  although for real estate purposes it was called Jackson Heights. I drew my first social security check when I was 65. I took her with me so they could take her word as to when I was born and where. She was my mother after all. The Social Security Bureau informed us that they couldn’t update my records because “it was registered now”.  When I told them I could obtain my birth records from Brazil, I was told it would  “take too long” and they’d put it back a year to 1909 which they didn’t do. I was cheated out of several years of my social security benefits. Anyway I’m not going to worry about it now but that’s what happened.”

– Bernando LaPallo, Monday, May 27, 2013


“You Might Need This One Day”  Pages from the Family Bible

Shortly before she died Bernando’s  grandmother Henreitte Carr gave him something valuable  that she thought he might need one day.Her foresight is uncanny and remarkable in a way only mothers and grandmothers can be. She tore a few pages out of the Carr family bible published by the Oxford University Press in 1885. Handwritten was a list of the names and dates of birth of her children and grandchildren. Her and George Carr’s children listed are  Willie Carr June 12, 1889, Hannah Carr September 16,1872, Dora Carr July 10,1873, Walter Carr May 12, 1874, Mary Carr March 16, 1875, Virelle Carr December 31, 1875, Georgean Carr October 12,1878,  Sam Carr 1908 (no month written), John Carr 1894 (no month written), Mattie Carr, September 10, 1875, Rosette Carr 1898 and Estella Carr with no date written.

We believe the dates for Hannah, Dora, Walter, Mary,Virele and Georgeann to be earlier dating 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1868. These children were born into slavery as were their parents  and there appears to be an attempt to conceal that fact in the notations. Fortunately, the white family  nee Carr who owned them (and whose name was passed on) did not believe in slavery and taught a few of our relatives how to read and write hence the ability to write down these dates. Further down on the page there are four grandchildren listed as follows: Neeta born in 1900, Lucille 1901, Bernando 1901, Ralph 1902 , and Helen 1903. At the bottom of the page is written “Given to me by my grandmother in 1940”. Bernando explained that he carried those pages in at least 10 different wallets over the years.Finally he gave the pages for safe keeping to his oldest daughter Lee Chamberlin. This document is a historical record.

Twice Denied 1934 and 2013

The rebuttal of the ignorant census worker out in the field in Saint Petersburg, Florida in 1934 while President Roosevelt’s  Social Security Act was being prepared to pass in 1935 is an example of when real life events, a historical account from Bernando’s own life, trump a document deemed absolute in todays world which barely resembles the world 79 years ago. Steve Sherlock and Ben Walker have repeated history by refusing to acknowledge and accept what Bernando has known; That he was born in 1901 in Brazil to Mattie Carr and Bernando LaPallo Sr. A trivializing dismissal of Bernando’s self knowledge not once but twice in history is unacceptable. Countless people of color and even European immigrants passing through New York’s Ellis Island have gone through similar experiences. The spelling of a family surname was truncated and altered because the intake worker deemed it unimportant to listen requiring too much effort to understand what that person was saying to them. We believe that people are intelligent and actually know their own family history. Let it be acknowledged.


In Closing A Message of Health

In the United States today our current generation is not expected to outlive their parents. 70% of children are obese and diabetic by the age of nine years. There is a profound disconnection with the restorative properties of a nutritious diet, daily exercise and moderation in all things living as proof positive in Bernando. If this is too much of a stretch for skeptics who haven’t tried living a truly healthy lifestyle as Bernando has been following for over a century, they need only examine the lives of the children around them and examine the statistics.Supporting your health instead of trying to find reasons as to why it cannot be possible is what we suggest. Study the soil, air and water of the country and you will see a reflection of the health of the population staring right back at you. Study the wisdom on eating found in the Bible. Study you own body. Study nature. The power of cellular nutrition as evinced by many leading edge doctors today who have integrated their understanding of science and nutrition will exhort you to do the same and our providing proof that Bernando is living proof of. Understand this miraculous body you inhabit and the gifts that The Creator has bestowed upon us right here on earth to remain healthy. By doing thus you will help change the course of history and our fate as a people. Bernando’s message continues to be  to make your health your first priority adding life to your years instead of years to your life. Keep your colon clean, get your rest, eat plenty of green vegetable and fruit, drink plenty of water and exercise and you’ll live a long and healthy life. If you do so you might just look so young that nobody believes how old you really are.


With Gravity and under the approval of Bernando LaPallo Jr.

The Chamberlin and The Gant Families

July 29, 2013


Four Generations_edit



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My visit to New York- June 2013

I am back from New York and had a wonderful time! What follows is a brief recap of my trip with photos of my birthday party, how you can order an upcoming DVD of my lecture in New York and the the archive of my radio interview. You can also still  contribute to my trip expenses if you’re inclined to help defray some of New York’s high costs. My goal is to close the gap by $833.00 dollars. If you can contribute, please send your contribution via Paypal to  New York is expensive! Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy this almost as much as I did being there.


June 1

The trip started off with a bang when my granddaughter got the call that we had been granted tickets by the Yankees organization to see the game vs the Red Sox on Saturday, June 1st. If I had been the President I couldn’t have been treated better.  Never in my life did I imagine that I would be blessed in this way, much less live to see the third Yankee Stadium! I got the grand tour and was taken right out onto the field during batting practice. I met the press and shook hands with Derek Jeter, Joe Girardi and Robinson Cano. I want to thank Gary Hamilton of the YES Network and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports for the on camera interviews, as well as all the  commentators.














Afterwards,  I dined in the Legends Suites free of charge. Anything you could desire was available and I thank the entire restaurant staff for their excellent service. I visited Monument Park, a special area of the stadium dedicated to the legends of Yankees baseball. I saw plaques dedicated to  Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Jackie Robinson who is honored there for his special place in sports history. After Monument Park we were escorted to our seats behind home plate! The view was perfect and I got a kick out of seeing my name on the marquee wishing me a Happy 112th Birthday.







It is with deep appreciation I thank Michael Margolis and his staff, Pat Krueger and Betsy Aiello – Sanders for their faith, Mr. Joe Turgeon,The Anaheim Angels, and the top man at the Yankees for giving me the greatest day of my life! Thanks to, NY Daily News, NY 1, The New York Times, USA Today, The Afro News, AngelsWin and countless others for running my story. Special thanks to my grand daughter who  kept pushing and believing to make this very special birthday gift  happen for me. I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.

After after all the excitement at Yankee Stadium I was interviewed on June 3, by Sam Liebowitz on the Double Diamond Wellness Hour. You can listen to the show archive here

Here is a photo of me near Central Park West with my grand daughter. I remember when it used to be called 8th Avenue and the subway line ran there. Just for fun we took the subway downtown. I owe another  thank you to Kufunya Ife and all the good people who came out to hear me speak at Nicholas Brooklyn the same night. It was a wonderful affair and I enjoyed meeting everyone.


PostRadioCPW copy









Tuesday June 4th Pre Order my DVD lecture from MDS Productions

The big day of my official Beyond 100 book preview held at Stanton Street Yoga inside the Sanctuary Guest Suites in Manhattan. Master Juice provided the cantaloupe juice for the attendees and we gave out free samples of Usana Healthpaks, too. For those of you who could not attend, you’ll be happy to know can now pre – order your DVD by sending $30 to MDS Productions  to this email address via Paypal The DVD will feature an introduction on what my new book is about, my core lecture on my longevity, followed by Q & A from the audience. Running time an hour plus. John Halpern has produced films on the Dalai Lama among others and I am grateful he was able to shoot this event as a permanent record.


Wednesday June 5  Harlem Big Apple Jazz tour

I returned to Harlem where I lived during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s to enjoy an evening of the music I like performed by The Harlem Renaissance Orchestra. People were enjoying themselves doing the Lindy – Hop and I got a big kick watching people on the dance floor. Special thanks to Big Apple Jazz tour founder Gordon Polatnick who I enjoyed talking with about my Harlem memories. Thanks to videographer Kurt Ritta, Berta & MC Murphy who run the event Upstairs at Dino’s on West 125 Street for acknowledging me. I’d love to come back! Look out for a video of my conversation with Gordon.


Thursday June 6 Schomburg & Birthday Party

I had some free time during the day so I returned to Harlem to visit the Schomburg Institute for Research in Black Culture established by Alfonso Arturo Schomburg. Aside from reading about health, I love reading about  history and was eager to learn more about” Black Patti” a pioneer in Broadway musicals that I had heard about as a child. After conducting my research I took my grand daughter on a walk through my old neighborhood showing her Striver’s Row sharing memories of people and businesses long gone. We walked past The Abbysinnian Baptist Church before heading back downtown to get ready for my Jazz Age Birthday Party with The Champagne Riot at The Slipper Room. What a show.  It was terrific! To view and order photos by Jane Kratochvil Photography go here

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New York schedule- June 2-6, 2013

First, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my IndieGoGo 112 Birthday and Book Tour fund for my trip to New York.  I couldn’t have done it without you. I’d also like to thank my grandchildren who have helped me so much.Together we are most appreciative of your support.

Slipper Room



Here a list of my appearances with information on how to attend. I hope to see as many of you in New York as possible.

Saturday June 1 – Open for Press Interviews & TV appearances on this day. Please write to schedule an appointment with me by writing my granddaughter.


Sunday June 2 – With any luck I’ll be at the home game of the Yankees vs. the  Boston Red Sox. I’ve been a fan since 1913. Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 3 – Listen to me on the radio from 11AM  to 12PM EST on Talking Alternatives Radio with host Sam Leibowitz. Tune in over the internet here:

Also Monday evening June 3  – For Brooklynites

I am giving a lecture followed by Q & A

Nicholas Brooklyn

570 Fulton Avenue

Tickets are $25 Call Kunfunya Ife at (347) 972 – 0901 for more information.

Limited Seating. 7PM


Tuesday,  June 4 

The OFFICIAL Beyond 100 – How to Live Well Into The Second Century Book Preview Lecture and Juice Tasting

Each attendee will receive a complimentary glass of fresh juice courtesy of Master Juice. Pre – orders available. Limited copies of Bernando’s first book on sale.

Doors & Check in 7PM  Lecture begins at 7:30

Stanton Street Yoga & Sanctuary Guest Suites

196a Stanton Street NYC 10002

Phone (917) 388 – 2686


Wednesday, June 5th – Join me in Harlem with the Big Apple Jazz Tour

7PM sharp! Enjoy the Harlem Renaissance Orchestra

Venue : Dinosaurs BBQ

700 West 125 Street (near 12th Avenue)

$15  Email Gordon or call (800) 979 – 3370 for more information.


Thursday, June 6th – My 112th Jazz Age Birthday Party at The Slipper Room with The Champagne Riot!

$20 while supplies last. Dress to impress! I will be!

Doors 7:30  Show 8PM Ends 10PM

167 Orchard Street NYC 10002


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Please help me get to New York- IndieGoGo

When you have lived as long as I have, you see some amazing things. One of the most incredible advancements has got to be the Internet. Never could I have imagined a way to connect with so many people with just a few clicks on a computer. When I was born in 1901, there were huge swaths of the USA that had no electricity or running water. Now people can talk to each other over email, facebook and so many other ways.

My grandchildren help me a lot in understanding all of these new things, and I couldn’t do it without them. My granddaughter recently told me about IndieGoGo, a way to raise funds for a specific cause, so we are trying to put this service to good use.

I need help to defray the costs of my trip from Arizona to New York in June, so we have launched this campaign. Please click here to find out more and to make your donation. Every little bit helps, and I am grateful for your support. So grateful, in fact, that there are goodies to be had at different donation levels. Just click through to find out more.

Please feel free to share the link with anyone who you think might be interested, and I hope to see as many of you as possible in New York on June 4 and June 6.

YouTube Preview Image

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I like New York in June. How about you?

I have a lot of exciting news to report, so the next few weeks will probably see a bit more communication from me here on the website, on facebook and, yes, on twitter. I guess I may as well start there: I recently joined twitter as another avenue of communication with people. You can follow me here:

photoFor those of you in the New York City area, I am planning to be there during the first week of June, and I have two different appearances planned. The first one is on Tuesday, June 4 at 7pm at the Sanctuary Guest Suites where I will talk about the health benefits of juicing, as well as preview my soon to be released new book, “Beyond 100- How to Live Well into Your Second Century.”

There is limited space available, so please click here to get your tickets in advance.

There is lots more news to report, including an additional appearance in New York on June 6, as well as a fundraiser I am doing where donors have the chance to help me celebrate my 112th birthday in a special way, so keep checking here, on facebook and on twitter.

Thanks, as always, for your support.


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5 Tips to Age Less, Live More

Thanks to all of you who tuned into my Blog Talk Radio appearance this week with Russ Terry.

He posted a quick YouTube video of 5 tips that we wanted everyone to take away from the show. You can watch it here:

If you want to listen to the entire interview, you can do so here:

I’ve got a few more appearances coming up on the East Coast, so stay connected on my facebook page or right here on the website.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

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My Legacy- 111 Years in the Making

This will be a brief update today. I just wanted to post a link to the USANA blog, where they’ve posted a nice story about me and my family and why I’m working with USANA.

You can read it here:

Thanks for your continued support and all the best.

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