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Award Winners for 2017 Bernando LaPallo Centenarian Award Announced

The  second round of recipients for the Bernando LaPallo Centenarian Award were announced at the Sixth Annual Senior Awards Luncheon hosted by Diana Gregory’s Outreach Services. Headquartered in the Greater Phoenix area, Gregory’s Outreach Services provides fresh produce to 7,000 seniors weekly whom would otherwise not have access in a farmers market style set up where seniors can select what they’d like for the week. Miss Gregory also announced two exciting programs added in 2017 extending the outreach to single mothers and military veterans.

This years recipients, Jerrylean Mack and Vicky Moe join 2016 recipients Lula Ransom, Amber Pointe and Mary Cook. All recipients must be 100 years or older to receive the award.

Bernando LaPallo was honored with a  Lifetime  Achievement Award in 2012. Originally a resident of New York City, Bernando moved to his adopted state of Arizona in 2002 at the age of 101. He became a beloved and well known figure  exemplifying a healthy lifestyle with a daily consumption of fresh fruits, green vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, true cinnamon, green tea, honey, raw chocolate and garlic. LaPallo is the author of two books publishing his first  “Age Less , Live More …” at 107 years old and  his second book “Beyond 100 – How to Live Well Into Your Second Century”  at age 112 ,first in digital format and then  in a full color print version at age 114.