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My Fresh Fruit Salad

Time is very important. If you rush to do things it won’t come out right. Take your time to section your grapefruit and oranges properly. Leave the skin on the apples as that’s where the nutrients are found. If you use strawberries add them to each individual serving fresh. Strawberries will turn to mush if left in the fruit salad for too long.

Always use fresh and ripe fruit. Use the juices that naturally occur. The rinds of the citrus can be squeezed into your bowl. Cut the melon ,if dicing, over the bowl to conserve the  juice. This is real fruit juice and is full of nutrients. Don’t let it go to waste. Items that are *  starred can be added according to season and taste.


  • 4 grapefruit cut in sections
  • 4 navel oranges or 8 tangerines cut in sections
  • Melon- a combination of honeydew and cantaloupe is nice. Use a melonballer if you like for added visual appeal.
  • 1 pint Blueberries
  • Grapes – green and or  concord
  • Apples of your liking cored and sliced in cubes
  • Strawberries – cut up fresh and slice on each serving.
  • *3 Kiwi peeled and
  • *1 Pineapple peeled cored and chopped in chunks.
  • *Cherries cut in half and pitted